Digital Signage Software Scala Review

Scala Digital Signage Systems Review


The new Scala Digital Signage Systems is a promising device if you’re looking to create an impact on customers and prospective business partners.


To give a brief on what the technology is and why you should opt for it.


What is Digital Signage System?

Digital signs fall in the family of signage. The medium is popular in exhibitions, public installations, route signals and other marketing and advertising purposes.


A digital signage uses LCD, LED and projection technologies to display content. The content could be digital images, live videos, and other form of media.  You may have observed it being used in restaurants, stores, building, on public transportations, malls and public spaces.


The source of the displayed content could either be personal computers & servers or the local media host provider.


Benefits of Digital Signage Systems


Upgrading from traditional mode to digital signage could be worthy step for your business.

  • It is cost effective and efficient: updating or changing the displayed content is cheaper than traditional medium.
  • It is entertaining and informative: it is more engaging and surely gets attention of the prospective customers. Frequent up gradation make it refreshing for the reader.
  • It is multipurpose: it forms a get technique to market, advertise, display products, information etc. through videos or other digitally developed content.

digital sign  admanagerconceptualdiagram

Scala Digital Signage System


With the new Scala Digital Signage System you get the following features:

  • The content can be any shape or form. You can easily connect the display to the content or data source.
  • The system gives you maximum flexibility to manage 1 (one) screen or multiple numbers of screens centrally, remotely, locally or globally.
  • Scala’s digital signage comes with customization feature, which gives you the option to be as creative as you can get.
  • Another attractive feature is that it is interactive, personalized and you could bring it to use for real time messaging.



Scale Digital Signage System promises to escalate your sales by cross selling and up selling. It will help you create a brand name for your business at the same time making it convenient for the readers too.



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