Samsung SMART Signage TV in Action

A variety of small businesses are using SMART Signage TV (SSTV) to engage customers in new ways. Hear their stories and learn how this easy-to-set-up, everything-included-in-the-box solution can benefit your business, too.



Entertain with TV, Promote with Your Own Content

Combine broadcast TV with your own promotional content, including video play capability

200+ templates included to create your own signage or split-screen content, plus included stock photography


Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

Included PC software for easy, wireless content management

Ability to load content via USB memory stick

Ability to manage content via mobile app

Custom Content

Create better customer opportunities that cater to your audience thanks to an open, player side digital signage platform powered by an SDK (Software Developer Kit). You’ll be able to have a custom-tailored solution developed just for your business.

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